Additional equipment

additional equipment Everything you need for your bicycle ride. Which additional equipment can you choose when renting a bicycle? When you rent a bicycle, you can choose between various additional equipment, such as: • child bicycle seats • bicycle trailers … Read More

Electric bike

ELECTRIC BIKE For all cycling enthusiasts who lack the physical capabilities. Why should you choose an electric bicycle? For all of you who aren’t in the best physical shape, those of you recovering from an injury or suffering from chronic … Read More

Trekking bike

Trekking bike For the highest level of comfort. Why should you choose a trekking bicycle? Trekking bicycle is the best choice if you are looking for comfort when cycling in nature or on the road. We can perhaps describe it … Read More

Road bicycles

road bicycles Fast cycling on good-quality terrain. Why should you choose a road bike? Road bikes are meant for fast cycling on good-quality surface. They are without a match when it comes to speed, durability and efficiency. Being amongst the … Read More