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Yes, you are provided with a helmet when you rent a bicycle, free of charge.

According to the Law, cyclists under the age of 16 must wear a helmet when cycling. Not wearing it might result in a 300 HRK fine. So, if you are 16 or older, you are not obligated to wear a helmet, but we advise you to do so for your own safety and as a good example to children.

Yes, we do! Their weight capacity is 24 kg, and they are provided to you free of charge when you rent a bicycle. We advise you to book a child seat in advance, especially on the weekends and holidays. Asides from the seats, we also have one trailer that is suitable for transportation of one to two children (weight capacity 36 kg).

Just call us and we will prolong your rental period, and you will pay the additional rental cost when you return it.

We advise you to book your bicycles in advance, especially if you plan to come on the weekends. In order to get the right size of your bicycle, booking guarantees that you will get the ones that suit you best.

Yes, we can, if there is a previous arrangement. We have a van and a trailer for transport, so we can deliver up to 50 bicycles to a location that suits you.

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