Important notices…

1 The rental subject is a bicycle. Different types of bicycles have different prices.

2 The rental period lasts as arranged. This can be prolonged if you call us or send us a message. If you are late, you will pay the extra rental cost per day. Daily rental means that you must bring the bicycle back until the end of our opening hours.

3 The rental cost is paid when you rent your bicycle. The additional cost due to prolonged rental is paid upon return.

4 It is possible to book (reserve) your bicycle. The sooner you do it, the bigger the chances are that you will get the exact bicycle you have on your mind. This is especially important on the weekends and holidays. Your reservation lasts for 30 minutes, and after this period we rent it to the other customers.

5 Bicycles are rented for recreational purposes. No acrobatic stunts, please! A helmet will guard your head, and that of your children. Don’t remove, put on or switch parts on the bicycle you have rented.If you get hungry and decide to go to a restaurant, put on a bicycle lock which we will provide you with free of charge.

6 Bicycles are our sources of income. The bicycles we rent function properly, and we expect you to return them in the same state. In case there is a break or malfunction, you should cover the cost of bicycle repair.

7 Bicycles are rented to the persons who know how to ride a bicycle and who are familiar with traffic regulations. If you are unsure of your capabilities (or capabilities of those you are renting a bike for), take a walk instead. Bicycle rides are your responsibility. In case there is a severe injury due to you falling off the bicycle, the eventual compensation must be sought from our insurance provider. We do not rent bicycles to persons under the influence of alcohol. Beer will feel much better after you have finished your ride.

8 When renting a bicycle, you may leave a deposit or your identification document.

9 In order to sign a rental contract, we need your personal information. We use it for our business purposes, and we do not hand it out. This information is provided by you, voluntarily. If you do not wish to do so, we cannot rent you a bicycle.