Road bicycles

road bicycles

Fast cycling on good-quality terrain.

Why should you choose a road bike?

Road bikes are meant for fast cycling on good-quality surface. They are without a match when it comes to speed, durability and efficiency. Being amongst the lightest ones, road bicycles can easily be used for professional competitions. All of this, of course, couldn’t be possible without light and fast tyres, light frame and bended bars. Road bikes are meant for bicycle enthusiasts and those who are always looking for some competition, but they can also be used for long cycling routes which last up to several days. Even though different types of road bicycle models seem similar, there are subtle but meaningful differences in the frame design. Contact us so we can help you choose your bike. Rent or book your bike today!

Advantages of road bicycles

For good-quality surfaces

Asphalt, asphalt and only asphalt.

For recreationalists and competitors

Bicycles meant for those who enjoy long road rides.

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