Electric bike


For all cycling enthusiasts who lack the physical capabilities.

Why should you choose an electric bicycle?

For all of you who aren’t in the best physical shape, those of you recovering from an injury or suffering from chronic diseases, and despite everything wish to enjoy a good bike ride, electric bicycle is the right solution. Despite the aforementioned difficulties, it is no problem to go through many kilometres, certainly more than with a classic bicycle. E-bike has a strong, yet quiet and economical engine which turns every ride into a unique experience. Electric bikes we have on offer are actually hybrids - so called pedal bikes. They are propelled by the cyclist using his/her strength, and additional power is provided by the engine that has maximum strength of 250 W. Electric bikes have four different power levels that can be used according to your needs, the terrain, level of elevation and the speed you wish to accomplish. Considering the legal regulations, the engine shuts down automatically once you reach the speed of 25 km/h. Battery life depends on the level of power in use, the weight of the driver and the elevation gain. Considering our bicycles are equipped with high-quality lithium-ion batteries (400/500 Wh), you can easily cycle for about 100 km. Contact us and let us help you choose your bicycle. Rent or book your bike today!

advantages of electric bicycles

Demanding terrain with no exertion

Ideal for spending the entire day outside, visiting charming locations without straining.

Relax with your companions

You can go for a ride with professional cyclists with no fear of getting lost or that they will have to wait for you.

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