Trekking bike

Trekking bike

For the highest level of comfort.

Why should you choose a trekking bicycle?

Trekking bicycle is the best choice if you are looking for comfort when cycling in nature or on the road. We can perhaps describe it as MTB / road bike hybrid. It is this connection that enables you to easily switch between smooth and rough terrain, without the fear of losing control or damaging the bike. Trekking bicycles have larger and thinner wheels with rough tyre profile, which provides speed and comfort. Unlike mountain bikes, they often have mudguards and carriers, which means we can easily mount a child bike seat on them. These bikes are perfect for easy family rides and slowly taking in the wonders of nature! Contact us so we can help you choose your bike. Rent or book your bike today!

advantages of trekking bicycles

Light terrain

All-purpose bicycles that are great for both asphalt and macadam.

For recreationalists, friends and families

Intended for light recreational rides, but also for all of you who want to conquer many kilometres.

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