Terms and conditions


Article 1 – Rental subject

Rental provider gives, and Rental receiver receives rental bicycles and other equipment listed on the first page of Contract (further text: Rental subject) at the moment the Rental contract (further text: Contract) is signed.
The parties participating in the Contract unanimously agree that the value of a single bicycle with its equipment as the Rental subject, in case of damage or theft, is 700,00 € for classic bicycles with standard equipment, 1.400,00 € for road bicycles and MTB bicycles with premium equipment (FS equipment included), 3.000,00 € for electric bicycles with standard equipment and 4.000,00 € for electric bicycles with premium equipment (FS, enduro).

Article 2 – Rental duration

Rental receiver hereby agrees to return the Rental subject at the end of a period stated on the previous page of the Contract, undamaged and operational, in the same state as it was received as the Rental subject.

Rental receiver may, with a previous announcement to the Rental provider via a phone call to +385 91 315 7777, and with previous approval of Rental provider, which will be given to the Rental receiver via an SMS message, prolong the rental period of Rental subject. In this case, the Rental receiver agrees to return the Rental subject in the period for which the rental is approved and prolonged. Daily rental implies rental until the end of the opening hours of Rental provider, on the same day when the rental period begins.

Upon the return of the Rental subject, the Rental provider shall examine the Rental subject and indicate eventual damages, malfunctions and defects.

If the Rental subject has not been returned to the Rental provider at the end of the rental period, it will be deemed that the Rental receiver has, without authorization and with intent, alienated the Rental subject, in which case the Rental provider shall IMMEDIATELY notice the local Police station (Ministry of Internal Affairs).

Article 3 – Prices and payment methods

Rental receiver hereby commits to pay the set price of Rental subject in advance, at the signing of the Contract.
Rental provider is not required to return the paid amount in case of bad weather conditions or other circumstances that lead to Rental receiver returning the Rental subject earlier.
In case the Rental provider has approved the prolongation of the rental period, and according to Article 2 2. of this Contract, the Rental receiver agrees to pay the set price of total additional rental when returning the Rental subject.
Rental provider may, without a special approval of the Rental receiver, charge the rental amount or the rental amount difference from the deposit amount.
Rental prices are stated at the location where the bicycle rental is performed. The prices that are published on the website are informative and do not contain the prices of all types of bicycles, considering these depend on the bicycle type and equipment, rental period duration etc.
Rental prices apply to the rental of bicycles done in the business space of Rental provider. Bicycle delivery to other locations is charged according to a special offer by the Rental provider, and depends on the location, distance, rental period duration etc In case the bicycles are delivered to a different address, the minimal rental period is a daily rental.

Article 4 – Reservations and rental cancellations by the Rental receiver

A potential Rental receiver may reserve a bicycle, or several of them, in advance. In the case of phone and e-mail reservations that relate to the day when the phone call was made or an e-mail was sent, the Rental provider may reserve only the bicycles that are available for rental at that moment. The bicycles remain reserved for the maximum period of 30 minutes since the time the Rental receiver has, via a phone or an e-mail, set as the period in which he/she will rent the bicycles. In case the Rental receiver does not manage to take over the bicycle in the agreed period, and requests reservation prolongation in one of the previously described manners, the Rental provider can charge the reservation period, as would be the case when the Rental receiver uses the said bicycle, and in agreement with the price list, in which every initiated hour is counted as full hour of rental.
In case the Rental receiver wishes to reserve a specific bicycle or a bicycle with certain characteristics, and in case the rental period is several days, it can be done at least 24 hours in advance, with advance payment amounting to 30% of the full rental price for the set period of time.
Upon reservation of five or more bicycles, the Rental receiver must pay the full rental price in advance for the set rental period. Advance payment must be made at least 30 days before the set rental period. In case the rental does not occur in the set period due to cancellation by the Rental receiver, and the rental cannot be move to another period, the Rental provider may keep 30% of the set bicycle rental amount.
In case the set rental amount is paid in advance, and rental does not occur due to rain or stormy weather in a set period, or due to forces beyond control, and the rental period cannot be moved to another period, the Rental provider may keep and/or charge 5% of set amount for the entire rental period, but no less than 40,00 € per group/contract/period.

Article 5 – Use of Rental subject

Rental receiver is hereby declaring that he/she shall take good care of the Rental subject and use it exclusively for recreational rides on marked bicycle routes, without exposing the bicycles to jumps and inappropriate rides that are outside of paths and roads; prevent it from possible damages, malfunctions and thefts; not expose it to improper use of bicycles and bicycle equipment. When using the bicycle, the Rental receiver must wear a safety helmet.
Rental receiver MUST NOT use the Rental subject for any other purpose besides from recreational rides, must not transport other persons on the Rental subject (unless the person is a child in a mounted child seat), as well as any other cargo; nor must he/she put on or mount markings or equipment on the Rental subject.
The rental receiver is not authorized to demount, take down or change the position of any part of the Rental subject. In case such actions are performed, the Rental receiver shall refund the Rental provider for the damage that could be made due to missing parts, lack of possibility to use the Rental subject and the damage due to lost financial gain due to inability to rent the Rental subject.
The Rental receiver is not authorized to pass on the Rental subject to other persons without the approval of the Rental provider, unless he/she rents multiple bicycles and equipment, in which case the Rental receiver must name the persons which will use the Rental subject when signing the Contract.
In case the Rental receiver leaves the bicycle(s) and the equipment without surveillance, the rental property must be secured from theft using a safety lock, which will connect the frame and the back wheel to a steady object (bicycle stand, fence, pole etc.)

Article 6 – Break, malfunction and theft fee

Rental receiver shall compensate the Rental provider for the total damage that is caused by a defect or malfunction resulting from an improper use of bicycle and its equipment or by procedures deemed improper or forbidden by the previous article.
Rental receiver shall provide the Rental provider with the total damage fee, which includes repairs and replacement of parts, as well as the damage caused by lost profits based on the impossibility of Rental provider renting the Rental subject, in cases where the Rental subject is malfunctioning due to an improper use by the Rental provider or a third person the Rental receiver provided with the Rental subject, as well as the theft of the Rental subject.
In case the Rental subject is stolen, Rental receiver shall compensate the Rental provider the monetary sum that is determined in Article 1 of this Contract for every bicycle, and for every other Rental subject, as well as the damage due to lost profits for the period starting with the theft and ending with the payment due to theft.

Article 7 – Responsibility of Rental receiver

Rental receiver hereby accepts the use of Rental subject to his/her own risk, and declares that other persons stated as users of Rental subject upon the signing of the Contract, as well as underaged family members, or other underaged persons for which the bicycle(s) are being rented, can manage a bicycle and are familiar with traffic regulations, and with this Contract the rental receiver takes on full personal responsibility for oneself, for the persons stated as users upon renting multiple Rental subjects, as well as for underaged persons and underaged family members; for all the damage that can be caused by injury or threats to health resulting from a fall or bicycle use and use of Rental subject, and hereby renounces any compensation for damages from the Rental provider.
Rental provider is, based on this Contract, not responsible for any damages done to the Rental receiver or members of his/her family or another person named as user or to which the Rental receiver has granted access to Rental subject, sustained from injuries or threats to health caused by a fall or use of Rental subject, and the Rental receiver agrees in full, declaring the agreement with his/her signature on this Contract. The eventual compensation due to injury that led to permanent disability or death of Rental receiver, or the persons named as users upon the Contract signing for multiple Rental subjects, the Rental receiver may seek from the insurance company in which the Rental provider has insurance policy. The injury must be reported by the Rental receiver to the Rental provider immediately upon its occurrence, or upon the return of the Rental subject, in order to receive the insurance company, insurance policy and proper procedure information from the Rental provider, because in other cases the Rental receiver may carry the risk of the loss of responsibility by the insurance provider due to untimely application.
The rental provider is free of any responsibility for damage in the case that the Rental receiver, a person named as user or a person which has been granted access to the Rental subject, as well as any underaged members of his/her family, does not wear a helmet when operating a bicycle.

Article 8 – Deposit

Upon the signing of the Contract, the Rental receiver is required to provide the Rental provider with a deposit in a set monetary sum.
The deposit is taken in case the Rental receiver does not return the Rental subject in set period, in case additional rent must be charged, in case there is damage and/or malfunction on Rental subject and lost profit for the Rental provider, in which cases the Rental receiver authorises the Rental provider to charge the cost from the deposit provided.
The deposit can also be used for the cost of repairs, replacement of bicycle parts and damage removal, as well as the cost of certain law procedures, in and outside of court.
The deposit is set for every bicycle according to the value of the bicycle determined in Article 1 of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 9 – Rental receiver’s personal information

Upon the conclusion of this Contract, the Rental receiver willingly provides the Rental provider with his/her personal information, needed to conclude the Contract, and to identify the Rental receiver. Upon the Contract conclusion, the Rental receiver shall provide the Rental provider with identification document, which the Rental provider may keep until the return of Rental subject, photograph it and/or scan it. The identification document may be kept instead of the deposit by the Rental provider, which hereby declares that no information will be shared with third parties, and all information shall be used exclusively for the purposes of this Contract. The exception is providing the personal information to competent authorities and insurance company in case the Rental provider or persons named as users upon the conclusion of this Contract, have experienced a case for which an insurance policy has been set.
By signing this contract, the Rental receiver confirms to have understood the contents of this Contract and to completely agree with its content.