Privacy policy

This internet website (further text: Website) is managed by ADRIA PROM ltd. from Fužine, Vrelska n/n, identification number 33647871976 (further text: Company).

The Company respects the privacy of the users of its Website, and as manager gathers, processes and uses your personal information in a manner which is prescribed by the Law on implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (NN 42/2018).

Your personal information may be gathered and used by the Company based on:

– contractual agreement (conclusion of bicycle rental contract or contract for other activities of the Company)

– a legitimate business interest (information needed for insurance policy in case of accident,

damage report etc.)

– Law regulations (information needed for accounting records)

– your consent (for sending e-mails, informational and promo materials, for the purpose of responding to your comment, question or remark). The consent is given voluntarily, and you are authorised to retract it at any time.

The personal information gathered by the Company includes all information needed for services provided by the Company, such as your first and last name, address, identification number, date of birth, identification document and contact information you have given to the Company (e-mail address, phone number etc.)

Your personal information is kept for as long as there is a need for which they have been gathered, or until your consent has been withdrawn.

The Company takes all necessary precautions when it comes to protecting your personal information in order to keep them safe from loss, misuse or unauthorised access. The Company employees are bound to keep all information available to them private, and must not release it to third parties, except in the case of authorised demand by competent authorities.

You may request the Company to provide you with your personal information, demand a correction or deletion of your personal information, a constriction on the use of your information, subject a complaint to the authorities, or an appeal to the Agency for Personal Data Protection.

If you seek more information regarding your personal information, you may contact us in writing (address is ADRIA PROM d.o.o., Vrelska bb, 51322 Fužine) or via an e-mail on You will be provided with all the information as quickly as possible, and 30 days upon receiving your request at the latest.