Mountain bicycle / MTB


Bicycles meant for mountain terrain and forest paths.

Why should you choose a mountain bicycle?

These bicycles are meant for steep mountain terrain and forest paths, but also for urban areas which require off-road riding skills (down the steps, in parks). There is no match for these mountain bikes when it comes to that genuine feeling of freedom! MTB’s construction is adapted to the most difficult terrain and cycling conditions. Their triangle frame and speed transfer system are similar to that of regular road bikes, but the number of cogs is greater, which makes riding uphill easier. Other differences are wider tyres, higher axle position, bigger distance between the wheels and between the front wheel axle vs. the seat of the bicycle. On the other hand, some concepts were borrowed from motocross: shock absorbers on the wheels and high tyre profiling, also known as thread designs. Mountain bikes we have on offer are: 1) Standard MTB for recreational rides 2) Premium MTB for skilled cyclists and demanding terrain 3) FS MTB (full suspension) bicycles for adrenaline junkies, meant for wild rides with lots of descents, jumps and rough terrain.

advantages of MTB

Demanding terrain

Bikes meant for mountain terrain and forest paths (macadam and mud).

For recreationalists and adrenaline junkies

Bicycles meant for wild rides with lots of descents and jumps.

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