Why should you choose an e-bike?

We often see prejudices or lack of information when it comes to e-bikes. ven though they appeared on our streets and cycling paths quite some time ago, they still aren’t well accepted with the residents. This is mostly due to their high cost, which leads to a lack of information about the differences between an e-bike and regular bicycles.

When we say ‘e-bike’, we mean all the bicycles that are powered by electricity. Indeed, there are two basic types of bicycles that use electric propulsion:

E-bike or electric bicycle is a type of bicycle whose motor is operated on the throttle handle, regardless of the pedals rotating or not. These bicycles are similar to scooters, with speeds that can go above 40 km/h.

Pedalec (PEDALElectric Circle) is a bicycle with an electromotor, which assists the driver when pedalling. The motor is activated only when the driver rotates the pedals and, once it reaches the speed of 25 km/h, the engine shuts down. If you wish to drive faster, you need to use your own force to do it. Maximum engine power of 250 W and a maximum speed of 25 km/h place it in the category of regular bicycles. This means they require no insurance, registration nor drivers’ licence. These bikes can be normally driven without the assistance of an electromotor, even though you must count in the fact that they still carry the motor, meaning they are heavier than regular bicycles. You can drive a PEDAL even when you remove the battery, , which charges for about 2 to 3 hours, the same way a smartphone does.

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so here are some advantages they have when compared to classic bicycles:

  • bigger reach – the motor prevents you from tiring quickly
  • easier to drive uphill, windward and on macadam
  • suitable for longer routes with less physical exertion
  • you can keep up with highly trained cyclists

Depending on PEDAL bike type, you may choose between 3 to 4 levels of power you will use from the engine. The less power you use, the more distance you can make without battery charging. Battery life is affected by:

  • direction and strength of the wind
  • level of power used
  • tyre pressure
  • weight of the driver
  • terrain type

So, why should you choose an e-bike?

Because it’s ideal for all of you who don’t cycle every day, or those of you who lack physical capabilities required to ride a classic bicycle.

For those of you who are recovering from an illness or an injury, and for those who have decided to get back in shape after a lengthy pause. By combining your own strength and switching on the engine only when you really need it, you can go through an amazing workout on this bike and get back on track!

Of course, let’s not forget the most important part – you will fully enjoy the nature around you!

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