Why are bike rides great for you?

Spring is finally here!

The warmth of the sun and longer days invite you to step outside, where everything is awakening, blossoming, flourishing… While some will hardly wait to escape the city and go into the mountains or to the seaside, others will leave their roots on a sunny terrace with a cup of coffee, newspapers or a smartphone, finding reasons not to undertake a physical activity.

Lack of physical capabilities, excess weight, high blood pressure… these are all valid reasons for starting an activity – plus you can truly enjoy the springtime and every ray of sunshine. In the end, you will do wonders for your health.

Cycling is perfect for your body and your mind, and we must not also forget – your wallet! Cycling strengthens your body, the muscles are working and forming, and all that excess winter fat is melting.

Why shouldn’t you go for a bicycle ride instead of paying membership fee to a gym and doing endless weightlifting in front of a mirror? By working out, you will increase the level of endorphin in your brain. This molecule oversees your overall mood, pain reduction, enthusiasm increase and reduction of tiredness. By spending time working out in fresh air, especially after a long and stressful week, your mind will ‘reset’, giving you a sense of fulfilment and content.

Cycling gives you freedom – go from a point A to point B in your own rhythm, taking your time without a special timetable. Stop wherever you like, either when you smell the flowers or see the most amazing lake, mountain top, or a bird on a tree. If you bring your family or friends with you, you will definitely have fun. You can even join other cyclists on organized bike tours, where you can discover new locations, new attractions, new flavours and make new friends.

We are sure you will quickly become a true cycling enthusiast! Try riding a few extra kilometres each day, climb that hill that was too high the week before.

With wind in your hair and smiling all over, you are going to enjoy the freedom that cycling offers you!

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